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There is no fee for regular faculty and staff to park on the Mansfield campus.  A complimentary gate card and parking tag are issued to faculty and staff for parking in the limited access lot as space is available. The OSU-M Human Resources Office issues the tags. Parking in the Ovalwood Hall delivery area (and delivery areas of all other buildings) is prohibited for all except university vehicles on business, special handicapped students, or very brief stops to load or unload materials (not to exceed 10 minutes).  Parking on Columbus campus requires an additional permit, which must be purchased online.  Instructions will be sent to you in late summer.  Special Contract faculty are not eligible for Columbus parking privileges unless they have an appointment at the Columbus campus. OSU-M will not pay nor reimburse for the cost of parking at the Columbus campus.

Please note:  When the limited access faculty/staff lot is full, you must find space in a student lot.  Parking on the oval or in other restricted areas may lead to a parking ticket!