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Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of some courses and a definite asset to many others.  If a class will be taken on a field trip off campus, the Associate Dean should be informed with a brief memo.  If funds to support the trip are being requested, then written approval must be obtained well in advance.  You may not require participation in a field trip (or any other activity) that will force a student to miss other classes.  If missing classes is a possibility, you should send your colleagues a notice of the trip, again well in advance.  It is the student's responsibility to make any necessary arrangements with other in­structors.

Any student who drives his or her own vehicle on a field trip should be approved by the instructor.  Check for a valid driver's license and use reasonable judgment regarding the student's maturity.  Only University employees, including student employees, may drive University vehicles. Approval forms can be obtained from the switchboard operator. Any person driving a University vehicle is required to use a seat belt and obey all traffic laws. Students driving University vehicles must be approved by the Dean. Anyone driving a University vehicle must complete an OSU Driver Registration form prior to the trip. No one with restricted driving privileges may operate a University vehicle.

Each student participating in a trip should sign a Travel Release of Liability Form.  These forms can be obtained in the Associate Dean's Office and must be completed prior to the field trip. Students 18 years of age or younger will need to provide their parent or legal guardian’s written permission on the form. The completed field trip forms should be returned to the Associate Dean’s office.

Note:  Nothing in this policy is intended to supersede the requirement that faculty members submit an Absence from Duty form as part of the approval process.