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Emergency Procedures

Essentially, the appropriate response to an emergency is to dial 911 from a campus phone or to call security (419.755.4218 or 419.755.4346) from a pay phone or off campus.

One procedure of special concern involves fire alarms. Whenever the fire alarm rings, state law requires that every individual must leave the building immediately. Instructors in class should direct students to the nearest exit. Floor and building wardens are designated to check for stragglers. Never instruct or allow students to use elevators during a building evacuation. (Please note: Handicapped individuals should be taken or sent to the designated exit or stairwell. The instructor is responsible to notify the building or floor warden if an individual is waiting for assistance. In a drill, handicapped individuals should not be taken downstairs. In a real emergency they will be assisted.) Please understand that no one can be allowed to remain in the building.

For additional information please visit Safety and Security on the website.