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 Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty

Duties and responsibilities of full-time, tenure track faculty on the Mansfield Regional Campus of The Ohio State University include undergraduate and graduate instruction, discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, and service of the University, to their professions and to the community.  Each faculty member is expected to be productive in each of these areas, although for a given faculty member, the emphasis may change from year to year.


Faculty on the Mansfield Campus are members of their respective departments in Columbus.  Because the average expected course load varies widely from one department to another, course loads of Mansfield Campus faculty also vary widely.  In general, the number of lecture-based courses taught by an individual faculty member on the Mansfield Campus ranges from four to seven in a three quarter academic year.  In academic 1992-93, the typical faculty course load was seven (the mean was 6.44).  A faculty member on the Mansfield Campus typically teaches one or two courses more each year than his or her counterparts in their Columbus department.

Most faculty members teach undergraduates exclusively, but some, particularly in the College of Education, also engage in graduate instruction, including the direction of masters and doctoral students.

Most faculty at Mansfield have full responsibility for all lectures, all student contact, and all grading for all of the courses they teach.  Also, because a relatively small faculty at Mansfield is expected to cover a wide range of courses, each individual professor may be expected to teach courses over a broader range of sub-specialties than would normally be the case in Columbus.  Keeping current and maintaining courses in these various fields constitutes a significant responsibility.

Some faculty members also direct students in independent studies, and the education faculty supervise professional field experiences.  Neither is counted as part of the regular course load described above.

The faculty members in the library have duties and responsibil­ities that cannot be described under the rubric of a conventional teaching load.


All faculty are expected to perform research or other appropri­ate creative activity.  Because of the heavier teaching load and the relative isolation from the laboratories, libraries and colleagues that stimulate and facilitate research on the Columbus campus, the quantity of research expected from a Mansfield Campus faculty member is somewhat less than that of a Columbus faculty counterpart, but the standard for quality of the product is the same in Mansfield as in Columbus.

The kind of work produced by each faculty member is specific to each discipline and is described in the appropriate departmental policy.


All OSU Mansfield faculty are expected to serve the campus, the university, their profession, and the community.  These expectations apply to both probationary and tenured faculty; because of increased opportunities for service, however, tenured faculty generally carry a heavier burden.  There is no rigid formula for service, which may vary in emphasis from one member of the faculty to another depending on need, opportunity, and interest.

All faculty are expected to participate in faculty governance by participating in meetings of the Faculty Assembly and by serving on at least one standing committee each year.  The degree of direct involvement in faculty governance may vary across time, but everyone should accept some responsibility in this area.  A faculty member may also be asked to serve on an ad hoc committee, to take on a special project assignment, to advise students, to help with recruitment and orientation, to sponsor or participate in a student activity or recognition event, or to participate in a fundraising effort.

Every faculty member is also expected to serve beyond the campus in some way.  The following list of possibilities is not intended to be exhaustive, nor to suggest that an individual needs to be serving in all these areas:

1.  Service to the academic department: Participation in faculty governance, service on committees, participation in policy and program development, advising students concerning the major, participation in departmental peer review processes.
2.  Service to the university: Participation in UNIVERSITY governance, service in the University Senate, service on committees or task forces established by the faculty, advisory service, participation in the work of state agencies, participation in the work of national or inter­national groups (accreditation teams, Federal or Con­gressional agencies).
3.  Service to the discipline: Service to professional asso­ciations (participation in meetings, serving in elected or appointed offices), editorial activities, service on discipline-directed accreditation teams, advising students or others concerning career opportunities.
4.  Service to the community: Activities involving public or private schools, public speaking, seminars and workshops for outside groups, consulting, service on boards and committees, participation in artistic and cultural activi­ties, involvement in governmental and civic projects.

Mechanisms for Departure from Usual Levels of Activity

The specific duties and responsibilities for each Mansfield Campus faculty member are determined at the time of hiring and at the time of any subsequent substantial revision in a cooperative discussion among the faculty member, the department chair, and the dean and director of the Mansfield Campus.

Reasons for revisions might include:
1.  The competitive award of a Special Research Assignment or a Faculty Professional Leave.  Faculty members may expect a Special Research Assignment at least once before their review for tenure;
2.  An extraordinary service assignment.  (Course reductions may be granted for various services, including Presidency of the Faculty Assembly, serving as Honors Coordinator, or coordinating a department in which the campus offers an advanced degree or major.

The Mansfield Campus dean and director, in consultation with each faculty member, shall be responsible for insuring that faculty members' assigned responsibilities are equitably distributed.

The above policy does not constitute a contractual obligation.  Fluctuations in demands and resources on the campus and the individual circumstances of faculty members may warrant temporary deviations from these guidelines.

Unanimously approved by Faculty Assembly on May 28, 1993
Revisions approved by Faculty Assembly on May 7, 1999