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At the present time, we have a relatively liberal duplicat¬≠ing policy.  However, we expect faculty and staff to use the photocopy machines in a reasonable manner and without continual supervision.  Photo¬≠copying is expensive and should be used with discretion.  Please do not expect to dominate the machines with large quantities of copies nor expect immediate turnaround from the duplicating center.  Plan ahead. Generally speaking, anything exceeding 100 copies per original should be sent to the duplicating center (by way of the Faculty Services).  The center needs 24 hours to assure return. 

Unusually large duplicating requests require administrative approval.  You may not copy entire books or otherwise photocopy materials when doing so violates copyright law.

Please contact Faculty Services if you wish to make copies for personal business. The normal charge is 5 cents per copy, although it may be greater for color copies.