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Computer and Technology Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Technology Services is to:

  1. Provide a positive computing experience for the Mansfield campus and community, and
  2. Use our collective knowledge in a quest to ensure a stable and secure networking environment, which includes phone and video networks.


Campus Technology Today

The OSU-Mansfield local area network (LAN) operates at a bandwidth of 1GB/sec, with a DS3 circuit providing 45MB/s bandwidth for Internet access. With this new and improved network we are able to provide 100MB/s bandwidth to the desktop. We currently service approximately 500+ computers on campus, 300+ residential computer connections from the student apartments. The LAN has been configured to handle video data packets for the videoconferencing equipment on campus. A wireless network has been installed in the cafeteria for students to have wireless Internet access in this area. Multimedia units consisting of a DVD player, VCR, audio amplifier, computer, document camera and ceiling mounted projector have been installed in several classrooms around the campus.

Services Provided For The OSU-Mansfield Campus

Networking - OSU-Mansfield has several data networks that handle computer, phone, video, fire, and energy management equipment. Technology Services maintains all of these networks including the network at the Molyet Village Apartments for student residents.

Network Security - The integrity of the network is constantly monitored for network viruses. Technology Services provide anti-virus software for the campus computers. Services also include monitoring for illegal servers used to distribute pirated movies and music including hackers who try to gain access to the network.

Computer/Servers/ Printer Repair - Many of the campus computers/servers are repaired on site as well as assembled from parts. Printers are also repaired on site to save down time and shipping cost. Technology Services maintain parts in-house to minimize downtime for the faculty, staff and students.

Multimedia Units - Technology Services designs, assembles and maintains the multimedia units that are installed in many of the classrooms on campus. These units consist of a DVD player, VCR, Dell computer, audio amplifier, document camera and ceiling mounted projector.

Web Services - The web server is maintained by Technology Services. The web site is maintained through the Center for Instructional Development and Design. The server and web site are consistently being administered to on a daily basis.

Distance Learning Facilities - OSU-Mansfield has several videoconference units; three are video-over-IP units (VOIP) and one is an ISDN (Integrated Digital Services Network) unit. Two units that are VOIP have been integrated in two classrooms C-205 and C-209. These units are maintained by Technology Services.

Phone Facilities - There are approximately three hundred phones on the OSU-Mansfield campus with the main PBX unit located in the basement of Ovalwood Hall. Technology Services is responsible for new installations in offices throughout the campus as well as the maintenance of this system. Voicemail services are also maintained by Technology Services.

Inventory - All items that are purchased on the OSU-Mansfield campus are inventoried through Technology Services. This information is sent to OSU-Columbus where it is kept on file.

Retrieval of Budget Information - Once a month the budget for the OSU-Mansfield campus is retrieved from the Columbus campus and printed for budgetary use and planning. Part of the budget retrieval process includes the budget information for the Alber Enterprise Center on the Marion regional campus. Once the data has been printed it is delivered across campus by Technology Services.

Audio Visual Services - Technology Services performs the setup of audio-visual equipment for special events around the campus.