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Computer Replacement Policy

Replacement of a computer will be considered when it is four or more years old, and when it ceases to perform adequately for its user's professional needs. It is not customary to replace computers that are less than four years old. Replacing a newer computer (except in the case of an out-of-warranty failure that is impossible to repair) would require a compelling rationale.

However, computers that are four or more years old will not automatically be replaced; it is still necessary to make a case that the computer is no longer sufficient to meeet current teaching, research, or administrative needs.

When appropriate, computers may be replaced from the campus inventory of newer machines that will meet current needs.

Requests for the new computers, computer upgrades, and computer software should be made to the chair of the Library and Instructional Technology Committee and a copy sent to Major Price, Technology Services.

Request for Computer Hardware and/or Software Form



Adopted 28 May 2008