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Committee Membership

Each regular, tenure-track faculty member is assigned to one standing committee of the Faculty Assembly for a three-year term. Appointments are made at the beginning of the calendar year by the Dean/Director in consultation with the Executive Committee. Faculty may also choose to serve on special ad hoc committees. Adjunct faculty may serve on committees but there is no requirement to do so, nor any compensation for such activities.

OSU Mansfield staff may occasionally be asked by the Dean or by supervisors to serve on standing or ad hoc committees.  If such service is not a part of regularly assigned duties, the Dean or the supervisor will approve in advance anytime away from regular duties and whether overtime pay can be charged or compensatory time can be used.

If staff members volunteer for committee assignments, such service must have the advance approval of the staff member's supervisor.  Such voluntary service shall not be subject to overtime pay, and compensatory time shall not be used, even if such service involves time outside of normal duty hours.

The Dean's office will publish a list of committee members at the beginning of each calendar year.

List of Committees with links to membership and charges.