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Bookstore and Textbook Orders

The Campus Bookstore is located behind Eisenhower Hall.  It serves both Ohio State and NC State and is operated by Follett Bookstores.  In addition to textbooks, the Bookstore carries a variety of supplies, greeting cards, and OSU merchandise. Hours are extended at the beginning of each quarter and hours of operation may be more restrict­ed during the summer.

You will receive forms to order books for your classes, usually around the beginning of the preceding quarter.  It is your responsibility to turn in the forms in a timely manner, so that the books are available when classes start.  You may also order textbooks by e-mail
(0196txt@fheg.follett.com). Give author, title, publisher, and ISBN, if available.  Desk copies must be requested through Faculty Services.  The Bookstore cannot obtain or otherwise provide desk copies.