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Award for Service (Faculty)

The Mansfield Campus Faculty Award for Excellence in Service is intended both to recognize past accomplishment and to encourage continuing effort in service to the campus, the university, the profession, and the community.  The award may recognize a single, clearly outstanding contribution or a body of work accomplished over a period of years.  The recipient of this award must be a tenure-track faculty member on the OSU Mansfield campus.
The recipient of the award will be selected by a committee appointed by the Executive Council.  As winners of this award are established, they shall replace appointees, and the committee will be chaired by the past winner with the longest tenure on the committee.
Nomination Process
The chair of the committee will solicit nominations for the award from the full-time, tenure-track faculty.  Self-nominations should also be encouraged. An announcement seeking nominations should be circulated no later than April 1.
Letters of nomination should discuss why the nominee is deserving of the award, describe the nature of the service record, and, if possible, offer documentation as to the quality of the service record.  The nominator should provide the committee chair with a copy of the nominee's vita, as well as an annotated list of service activities and accomplishments.
The deadline for accepting nominations should be no later than April 15.
Selection Process

In its deliberations the committee may seek additional information beyond the nomination packet, particularly for those nominees who are considered by the committee to be finalists for the award.  Sources of additional information might include letters from or conversation with local colleagues, departmental colleagues, the campus Dean and Associate Dean, community representatives, the nominators, or the nominees. The recognized work should have been completed during employment as a faculty member at The Ohio State University at Mansfield. 
In its deliberations, the committee should consider each nominee's service accomplishments within the context of the nominee's total workload, including scholarly productivity and teaching load.  Individuals who came close to winning the award in a prior year should be given special consideration.
Past recipients are not eligible for nomination for ten years after receiving the award. When past recipients do become eligible, preference should be given to nonrecipients unless the work of a past recipient in the years since receiving the award is clearly superior to all other efforts.

The committee must select a single individual to receive the award (no ties).  Announcement of the award recipient should be made by the previous year's winner at the annual Faculty-Staff Recognition Banquet or on some other appropriate occasion. The recipient of the award should be informed in advance by the committee chair. The monetary amount of the award is $1,000.