Pattern of Administration



The administrative responsibility for the program of the Mansfield campus is vested in the Dean and Director, whose duties are defined by faculty rule 3335-3-291. To assist with these duties, the Dean and Director shall appoint an administrative staff. The current organization chart of the administrative staff is attached.


The faculty will be consulted on policy matters and on faculty personnel decisions. Consultation will be timely, intended to produce consensus before decisions are made; it will normally take place in the committees defined below. Those issues regarded as especially important policy matters by the majority of the Executive Council of the Faculty Assembly or by the Dean and Director will be discussed in a meeting of Faculty Assembly. (The foregoing does not limit the right of administrators to consult with faculty members individually or in small groups or to consult with non-faculty groups or individuals as appropriate.) If circumstances warrant, the Dean and Director may convene a meeting of the entire faculty with one week notice. In case the Dean and Director finds it necessary to depart from the majority sentiment of the faculty or of a faculty committee, he will convene the appropriate faculty body and publicly announce his decision and his reasons.


Mansfield Campus Faculty Assembly is the official forum and voice of the campus faculty. Its membership is those members of the regular faculty, as defined in Faculty Rule 3335-5-19, having their primary appointment at Mansfield. It will elect its own officers and set its own constitution and by-laws. Its president shall convene faculty assembly at least once each quarter, shall give notice of regular meetings before the start of each quarter, and shall cause minutes to be taken and maintained. The Dean and Director will attend meetings of the Faculty Assembly and participate in discussion there. Faculty Assembly has defined in its constitution, and has delegated certain powers to, an Executive Council.


The chair of the Curriculum Committee, the President, Past-President, Vice President and Secretary of Faculty Assembly, the Mansfield Campus Representative to the Senate, two faculty members elected at large for two-year terms, one classified and one unclassified staff member elected at large for one-year terms, the Associate Dean, and the Dean and Director will constitute the Campus Executive Committee. This committee, chaired by the Dean and Director, will be the normal first contact for consultation (referring specific items to other committees or to Faculty Assembly, as appropriate). Meeting agendas will be set, jointly, by the Dean and Director and the President of Faculty Assembly. (Executive Council consists of all members of Executive Committee except the Dean & Director, the Associate Dean and the staff representatives. It is chaired by the President of Faculty Assembly.)


Faculty members of all standing committees will be appointed each December by the newly elected Executive Council. To assist in the governance of the campus and to promote consultation, committees will be formed and their charges approved jointly by the Executive Council and the Dean and Director subject to the review of the Faculty Assembly. The present inventory of standing committees is as follows:


Admissions & Scholarship Committee

Faculty/Staff Program Committee

Arts & Lecture Committee

Honors Committee

Computer Committee

Professional Development Committee

Curriculum Committee

Student Support Committee


The Dean and Director may, in consultation with the Executive Council, appoint and charge special committees for specific purposes.


1. Promotion and Tenure

Departmental Promotion & Tenure procedures will be followed. An ad hoc Promotion and Tenure Committee will help each candidate assemble documentation, will evaluate the teaching and service components of the case, may comment on the research, and will present a written report to the Dean and Director who will transmit this report along with his own evaluation of the case to the candidate's department. For details, see the document "OSU Mansfield, Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures."

2. Faculty Appointments

For each open position the Dean and Director will appoint, in consultation with the Executive Council of the Faculty Assembly, an ad hoc search committee. Each search committee will include an affirmative action advocate. Appointments require concurrence of the Dean and Director and the appropriate department.

3. Non-renewals or Terminations for Cause

The Dean and Director may appoint, in consultation with the Executive Committee, an ad hoc committee charged with making a recommendation concerning early non-renewal of a particular non-tenured faculty member or dismissal for cause of any faculty member. In any such case care will be taken to move in concert with the relevant department(s) and to follow applicable University procedures.

4. Annual Reports and Reviews

Each faculty member (except those appointed since the previous spring) will submit in February an annual report on his/her professional activities for the preceding calendar year. The Dean and Director and the Associate Dean will discuss with each faculty member, privately, their evaluation of his/her services. Merit raises will be distributed, in accord with OSU Board of Trustees guidelines. The distribution will be based primarily upon the quality of performance rendered during this year and upon market and equity consideration.

Approved by Faculty Assembly, December 4, 1992

Amended by Executive Committee 1998

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