Committee Membership

2013 Membership of Standing Committees

Faculty Assembly and Executive Council/Executive Committee

President........... Heather Tanner (Rep to Regional Faculty Comm)
Vice President........... Joanne Ruthsatz (Alternate to Regional  Faculty Comm)
Secretary........... Christian Winterbottom
Past President........... Dawn Kitchen (Senior Staff Rep)
Auxiliary Faculty Representatives........... Andrew Kinney, Joan Richmond
Staff Representative........... Mary Jo Hawk (A&P, 2013), Connie Stitzlein (CCS, 2013)
Chairperson, Curriculum Committee........... Gary Kennedy (2012-2013)
Chairperson, Diversity Committee........... Lee McEwan (2011-2013)
University Senate Reps ........... Barbara Lehman (Jan-Aug 2013)/Donna Farland-Smith (Aug 2013-2016)
At Large Representatives........... John Thrasher (2012-2014), Ozeas Costa (2013-2015)
University Senate Alternate*........... Yongmin Sun (2010-2013)
Arts and Sciences Senator*........... Sergei Chmutov (2013-2016)
Arts and Sciences Alternate*........... Bill Putikka (2010-2013)

* Not a member of Executive Committee



Standing Committees (# of faculty required by constitution)

Arts & Lectures (with NCSC) (3)
Yongmin Sun (2012-2014)
Dennis Shaffer (2013-2015), Chair
Matthew Cupach, NCSC faculty
Lynn Damberger, NCSC staff
Margaret Puckett, NCSC staff, Co-Chair
____________, NCSC student
____________, OSU student
Tammy Smith, Student Engagement


Budget & Compensation (3-4)
Stavros Constantinou, chair (2011-2013)
Ozeas Costa (2013-2014)
Del Lindsey (2011-2013)
Carolyn Skinner (2013-2015)


Curriculum  (6)
Gary Kennedy (2012-2014), Chair
Joe Fahey (2011-2013)
Susan Delagrange (2012-2014)
Faith Wyzgoski (2013-2015)
Donna Farland-Smith (2013)
Barbara Lehman (2013-2015)
Evon Hayes, student
Donald Shumaker, student
Bill Bauer, Academic Advisor
Dave Tovey, ex-officio

Diversity (4-5)
Lee J. McEwan (chair) (2011-2013)
Amy Brunell (2013-15))
Mollie Cavender (2012-2014)
Elise Riggle, Student Engagement
Cathy Stimpert, Human Resources
Pam Schopieray, appointed staff
Michelle McLane, Disabilities Specialist
Takaze Turner, student
Terrahl Taylor, student


Academic Enrichment (5-6)
Glenn Hartz, chair (2011-2013)
Steve Abedon (2012-2014)
Norman Jones (2012-2014)
Elizabeth Kolkovich (2013-2015)
Rachel Bowen (2012-2014)
Laura Applegate, student
Ashley Hawkins, student
Lyndsey Anderson, Academic Advisor
Shari Petersen, Admissions
Pam Schopieray, appointed staff
Dave Tovey, ex-officio
Terri Fisher, ex-officio


Library (3-5)
Kate Shannon (2013-2015)
Cynthia Callahan, chair (2013-2015)
, librarian
Susan Delagrange, instructional designer
Dave Tovey, ex-officio
, student


Professional Development (5-6)
Mirel Caibar (2011-2013)
Phil Mazzocco (2011-2013)
Terri Bucci (2013-2015)
Bill Putikka (2013-2015)
Steven Joyce (2012-2014)
Barb McGovern (2012-2014)
Dave Tovey, ex-officio


Student Support (4-5)
Sergei Chmutov (2011-2013)
Carol Landry (2013-2015)
Terri Winnick (2011-2013)
Scopas Poggo (2012-2014)
Laura Applegate, student
Ashley Hawkins, student
Fran Bowes, Academic Advisor
Elise Riggle, Student Engagement
Donna Hight, Chief Student Life Officer
Terri Fisher, ex-officio


Regional Faculty Committee
Heather Tanner, President
Barbara Lehman, Univ. Senator*
Donna Farland-Smith, Univ. Senator
Joanne Ruthsatz, VP (alternate)
*term ends August 2013


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