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Annual Performance and Salary Reviews (Staff)

Policy Statement:
The performance appraisal process at The Ohio State University provides a means for discussing, planning and reviewing the performance of each employee.
Regular performance appraisals:

Performance appraisals influence salaries, promotions and transfers, so it is critical that supervisors be objective in conducting performance reviews and in assigning overall performance ratings.


I. Performance Review Schedule
Annual performance reviews are conducted by supervisors beginning in May of each year, covering the previous twelve months (May through April). They will use a review form that is constructed with supervisee input.  The performance evaluation will be discussed and signed both by the supervisor and supervisee to ensure that all strengths, areas for improvement, and goals for the next review period are clearly communicated.

II. Salary Increases
Should the University budget permit a merit increase in salary, the performance review shall largely determine the level of that increase.  The University will assign each unit, including the Mansfield Campus, a percentage of its salary budget that is available for a merit increase.  Since the campus is not permitted to exceed the dollar amount represented by the assigned percentage, not everyone can receive an above average increase.  Thus the performance reviews are critical in determining who will receive the above average increases and at what level.  The Mansfield Campus Human Resources Office will review all recommendations for salary increases to ensure compliance with University policy and congruence with salary guidelines.  If available, the merit increase in salary shall begin in October of the year following the review.

III. Salary Equity Reviews
Employees may request a salary review to determine equity with comparable University employees.  See the Salary Appeal process outlined in this manual.