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Annual Review of Faculty

Each regular member of the faculty is reviewed annually during Winter Quarter by the Dean and Associate Dean.  The purposes of the review are:

  1. To inform the administration of faculty achievements,
  2. To give faculty members individual feedback on their performance,
  3. To discuss plans for the future,
  4. To provide the basis for merit pay increases, and
  5. To discuss progress toward tenure and/or promotions as applicable.

The period covered by the review is the preceding calendar year.

Faculty will prepare a report describing teaching, research, and service activities of the preceding calendar year and indicating plans for the coming year.  All faculty must submit to the Dean this completed review form, using the University's current P & T Core Dossier outline.  An updated vita and student evaluation of teaching printouts should also be included.

Each individual is also invited to schedule a 30-minute review meeting with the Dean and Associate Dean.  Untenured faculty are required to schedule a meeting.  Tenured faculty may be required to schedule a meeting if the Dean deems it necessary.  Most of the review meeting is devoted to a discussion of the faculty member's performance during the past year.  Plans for the future are also discussed.

Each faculty member negotiates for the upcoming year the fraction of his or her evaluation, that will be devoted to each of three areas:  teaching, scholarship, and service.  These fractions or weighting shall conform to the Faculty Workload Policy. The weightings negotiated for the preceding year are multiplied by quality assessments to form the starting point for merit raise determinations.

Finally, a letter summarizing the evaluation is sent to the faculty member.  A copy of the letter and the annual report is also sent to the faculty member's department chair.