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Academic Misconduct

As university faculty we are stewards of the academic integrity of the institution. If you suspect that a student or students have plagiarized or cheated in other ways, you must follow standard University procedures for investigating and adjudicating the case. In no circumstances should you administer punishment for suspected violations without allowing the accused student or students due process.

All cases of suspected academic misconduct in any unit of the University are handled by the Committee on Academic Misconduct (COAM), headquartered in the Office of Academic Affairs at the Columbus Campus. The Mansfield Campus Associate Dean, in consultation with the Mansfield Campus Academic Standards Committee, handles local procedures, but these are conducted under the direction of COAM.

Your first step in confronting a case of suspected cheating should be to visit the website of COAM . This site will have information about what constitutes academic misconduct and instruction about how to proceed with a case.

Fill out the template at the COAM site, and then send it and supporting documents to the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will forward the materials to COAM with a cover letter. COAM will then contact you and the accused student(s) about the appropriate procedures.  If a formal hearing is needed, COAM will arrange it in conjunction with OSU-M Associate Dean and the Academic Standards Committee.