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Absence from Duty

Any absence from normal duties requires approval and documentation. All requests for an Absence from Duty or Leave of Absence must be made on an “Application for Leave” form and submitted to the immediate supervisor for approval.  For faculty, the “immediate supervisor” is the Associate Dean.  All faculty and staff must provide reasonable advance notice when the need for the leave or absence is foreseeable, that is, if medical treatments or other events are planned or known in advance.  If the leave of absence is not foreseeable, the employee must provide notice to his or her immediate supervisor as soon as practicable.

There are some additional considerations for those faculty and staff who are teaching:

  1. Anytime you are going to miss a class, for whatever reason, an Application for Leave form must be submitted.  Enough lead time is required to allow administrative review, unless the absence is due to sudden illness or a clear emergency.  You must include under "Additional Information" a brief statement explaining how the missed class or classes will be covered.

  2. Absences due to sudden illness or clear emergencies must be reported to the Dean's office as soon as possible and an Application for Leave form filed with the Dean's office as soon as you return to work.  This form should also include an explanation of how the missed class time will be covered.  If you know in advance that you will miss classes because of a conference, medical appointment, or some other approved absence, you must make every effort to cover the class.  The suggested methods of covering such classes include, but are not limited to: videotaping a lecture in advance, asking a colleague to teach the class, arranging for a guest speaker who will talk on a topic relevant to the course material, or showing a relevant video.  It is not sufficient to merely assign extra work or extra reading in lieu of the class time.

  3. Please remember the arrangements for covering classes are your responsibility.  Unless there is an extraordinary circumstance, the Administration will not search for substitute instructors or make other arrangements on your behalf.

  4. If your absence involves approved travel and you file a travel form and you will not miss any classes, then an Application for Leave form is not required.

  5. If you are traveling on work days, even just between OSU campuses, and you do not file travel forms for reimbursement, then you must file an Application for Leave form, even if you are not missing classes.  The point is that some paper­work is required for any travel.

  6. If you are making routine trips around the area, and you are neither missing classes nor seeking travel reimbursement, then no forms are required.  However, you should know that there is some amb­i­guity w­ithin the Univ­e­rsity ­as to how well cov­ered you will be by your insur­ance or by workers' compensation should you be injured or even die, if no form was filed.  If your duties require a number of short trips, you may wish to file a form requesting blanket approval for a quarter. Use your own judgment here.
    Extended absences such as those covered by Family and Medical Leave will require additional documentation. Please contact the OSUM Human Resources Office for complete information.

Copies of the Application for Leave form and Travel form are available in the Faculty Services area or the Business Office.  They can also be found on this site, under “forms.” Travel forms should be submitted to the Business Office.

Copies of the approved Application for Leave form will be returned to employees for their records.  A record of sick leave accrued and used is included on the monthly compensation reports.