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Spanish 1101

Elementary Spanish

M Joyce

Credit hours: 4
GEC categories: Skills
Prerequisites: None

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Vistas 4th ed. Blanco, Donley Vista Higher Learning 978-1-61767-061-9
text used for both 1101 & 1102

Example Syllabus:
Website: (Texts can be purchased at VistaHigherLearning.com as well as bookstore)

Course Objectives: Course Objectives: Expected Learning Outcomes: In this course you will: 1. demonstrate basic communicative skills (e.g. speaking, listening, reading, and/or writing) in a language other than your native language. 2. learn about the cultural contexts and manifestations of the peoples who speak Spanish. 3. recognize and understand differences and similarities between the cultures and communities of the Spanish language and your own.

Course Content: Course Content: Learn how to introduce yourself and others; discuss your classes, daily activities, and hobbies; describe your family and friends; learn how to talk about your living space, your city; talk about food and nutrition. · Explore and compare the products, practices, and perspectives of people from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world using the Internet and other up-to-date, authentic sources. · Read a variety of authentic texts. · Write short paragraphs and description, and develop competence in pronunciation.

Method of Presentation: Instructor presentation, individual and choral response, review of daily written and video activities (manual), online audio activities

Method of Evaluation: 15% participation/attendance (in-class performance) 10% daily preparation / tarea (HW) 10% in-class quizzes 50% chapter tests 15% final exam


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