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Sociology 3630

Medical Sociology


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: N/A
Prerequisites: 3487 and 3488, or permission of instructor.

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Sociology of Health and Illness Conrad Worth 978-1-4292-0558-0
The Spirit Touches You and You Fall Down Fadiman Noonday 0-374-52564-1

Example Syllabus: 630 Medical Sociology.syl.doc
Website: n/a

Course Objectives: Medical sociology is the study of sickness as a social phenomenon and health care as an institution in society. From this vantage point, we explore social factors affecting the nature and distribution of disease among various groups, and social forces shaping the provision of health care resources.

Course Content: We examine the development and growth of medical professions, alliances between health care providers, and delivery of medical services. We also investigate the experience of illness and the expanding role of the health care "consumer" in maintaining wellness. We consider the changes wrought by third party support and a corporatized medical marketplace. Technological advances and the political and ethical questions to which they often give rise are also considered.

Method of Presentation: Classes will be conducted using an interactive lecture format. Two books are assigned: an anthology of readings and a book describing a case history of a Hmong family and their collision with the US medical system.

Method of Evaluation: Three in-class essay exams over material in the course. A 5-8 page paper summarizing and analyzing sociologically the case history described in the book.


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