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Sociology 1101

Introductory Sociology


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Social Science, Diversity
Prerequisites: none

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
The Real World Ferris and Stein Norton 978-0-393-13813-9
The Contexts Reader Hartmann and Uggen Norton 978-0-393-13051-5

Example Syllabus: 1101.S13.a.syl.doc
Website: none

Course Objectives: The objective of this course is to help students understand human behavior and cognition, the structures of human societies, cultures and institutions. This course should help you understand theories and methods of scientific inquiry as applied to the study of individuals, groups, organizations, and societies; comprehend human differences in various psychological, social, cultural, economic, geographic and political contexts; and develop your abilities to comprehend and assess individual and social values and recognize their importance in social problem solving and policy making.

Course Content: This course provides an introduction to Sociology -- the science of society. We explore Sociology as a discipline and how sociologists do their work -- studying how people organize themselves into groups, and how culture, socialization, and social location shape one's outlook and opportunities. We investigate how race, ethnicity, gender, age and socioeconomic status affect members of various groups. We consider what it is to be deviant and how deviance is controlled. We learn about institutions such as family, education, religion, politics and the economy.

Method of Presentation: Classes are interactive lecture format. Students read from a brief version of a textbook and an anthology of classic readings. Students are expected to attend class prepared to participate in the class discussion of the readings.

Method of Evaluation: There will be 4 noncumulative exams. Exams consist of 50 multiple choice questions and 5 true-false bonus questions. No paper is assigned.


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