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Mathematics 1152

Calculus II


Credit hours: 5
GEC categories: Quant reason math and logical analysis
Prerequisites: A grade of C- or above in 1114, 1151, 1156, 114, 152.xx, 161.xx, or 161.01H. Not open to students with credit for any higher numbered Math class, or with credit for quarter-system Math courses numbered 153.xx or above. This course is available for EM credit.

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Calculus Briggs Pearson 125678771X, 1256776467

Example Syllabus:
Website: http://www.math.osu.edu/courses/1152

Course Objectives: To provide students with a solid foundation in calculus (integration, sequences and series, Taylor series, vector and parametric curves, and polar curves). Problem solving will be emphasized throughout the course to promote a deeper understanding of the theory of calculus and its applications.

Course Content: Integral calculus, sequences and series, parametric curves, polar coordinates, (optional: vectors).

Method of Presentation: Lecture

Method of Evaluation: Quizzes, Midterms, Final Examination


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