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Art 2500

Digital Image Manipulation


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: n/a
Prerequisites: none

Text Books:

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Example Syllabus: 2500 S13 Syllabus and Schedule.pdf
Website: http://artandtech.osu.edu/2500/index.html

Course Objectives: To create art using digital imaging tools. To gain an understanding of the context of digital imaging as it relates to contemporary art practice. To achieve a level of comfort with the tools and techniques needed to create digital artwork. To experiment with new ways to connect digital technologies to one's own creative practice. To complete and output a digitally-manipulated artwork for exhibition purposes.

Course Content: Through artmaking, readings, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, critiques and writing students will explore contemporary, experimental uses of digital media. Class time consists of hands-on demonstrations in software and techniques, balanced with presentations of artist examples and discussions. Students will spend some time in class discussing and developing their creative projects, but will be expected to produce most of their assigned art projects outside of class.

Method of Presentation: Artmaking, readings, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, critiques and writing

Method of Evaluation: Final grade will be based on the completion of creative projects, technical exercises, writing assignments, quizzes, and class participation


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