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English 2367.01

Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Writing and Communication: Level 2; Diversity: Social Diversity in the U.S.
Prerequisites: English 1110 and sophomore standing or a declared major in English.

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
A Brief Guide to Writing from Readings Stephen Wilhoit Pearson 9780205245741

Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: To build and expand skills in analysis, written composition, and oral and visual communication.

Course Content: We will read popular science and medical articles published in the US in order to study how they convey their messages--how they "translate" specialized scientific findings for a non-expert audience, how they seek to persuade readers, and how they represent the work of researchers. We will also practice using strategies for reading critically and writing at an advanced level.

Method of Presentation: The material will be explored through reading, class discussion, lectures, in-class workshops, and hands-on practice.

Method of Evaluation: Students will compose three major projects and give one oral presentation. Students will also be evaluated on the basis of their class participation and their work in process (pre-writing, drafts, participation in peer review, etc.)


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