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English 4573.01

Visual Rhetoric: Seeing & Believing in the 21st Century (Rhetorical Theory & Criticism)


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: 6 cr. hrs. of English at 2000-3000 level, or permission of instructor. 367 or 2367 in any subject is acceptable towards the 6 cr. hrs.

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Practices of Looking 2d ed. (used usually available starting at about $30 on Amazon, etc.) Sturken & Cartwright Oxford University Press 978-0195314403

Example Syllabus:
Website: (coming soon)

Course Objectives:

We will work both individually and collaboratively to
  • understand the concepts and methods used to rhetorically analyze and interpret visual images and artifacts;
  • analyze visual images and artifacts rhetorically;
  • understand the rhetorical strategies employed in visual forms of communication including photography, objects, architecture, social media, advertising, and web-based design;
  • produce our own visual rhetoric projects and describe, analyze, articulate, and justify our design decisions in terms of audience, purpose and context.

Course Content: Major assignments will include rhetorical analysis, reading responses, the redesign of a visual text, and a major new media project.

Method of Presentation: Some lecture; some discussion. Because "learning by doing" is the primary tool of this course, much of our time will be taken up with planning, making, critiquing, and re-making both physical and digital examples of visual rhetoric.

Method of Evaluation:

20% Rhetorical analysis
20% Reading responses
20% Re-design project
30% Making visual rhetoric project
10% Citizenship & engagement


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