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Psychology 3310

Sensation & Perception

Delwin Lindsey

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: General Psychology Psychological Methods

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Sensation & Perception E8 Goldstein Wadsworth 0495807052

Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: This course is designed to introduce students to the relationship between the physical properties of the world, and the senses that inform humans about that world. All basic senses: seeing, hearing, spatial orientation and balance, touch, smell and taste are covered, though the course emphasizes seeing and hearing as exemplars of basic principles of human sensation and perception that apply to almost all senses.

Course Content: The course will cover the first steps in vision, spatial vision, object perception and recognition, color vision, space perception, attention, motion perception, psychoacoustics, hearing in the environment, music and speech perception, vestibular function, touch, smell and taste.

Method of Presentation: I. Lecture II. Massive Demonstrations III. Some Minor Assigned Projects

Method of Evaluation: Three Midterms, Final Exam, Research Project


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