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English 269

Digital Media Composing: Narratives of Digital Literacy


Credit hours: 5
GEC categories: Arts & Humanities Visual/Performing Arts course
Prerequisites: English 110 or its equivalent, or permission from the instructor

Text Books:

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Example Syllabus:
Website: http://english.mansfield.ohio-state.edu/delagrange

Course Objectives: In our 21st-century world, the nature of composing is changing rapidly. We still produce printed texts, but we now increasingly use digital technologies to compose projects that blend words, images and sounds. How is this changing us? As individuals? As students? As workers? What do we need to know to be digitally "literate," to do well in a digital world? The primary goal of this course is to answer these questions by investigating the digital experiences of the OSU Mansfield community. By the end of the class, students should be able to:

Course Content:

From print to digital: There are 1,000 stories. What's yours?

To get a handle on the why and how of digital media composing, we will read and watch some background material in digital media studies, and we will analyze examples of digital literacy narratives. The majority of the class will include the hands-on study of audio and video capture, which will be used to collect digital literacy narratives from the class and other OSU Mansfield students.

Method of Presentation: Some lecture; readings. No previous experience with digital media is required! You will gain a basic familiarity with the digital audio and video equipment we will be using through guided in-class workshops and online tutorials. Many class meetings will be devoted to hands-on work with digital voice and video recorders and with collecting and editing voice and video interviews.

Method of Evaluation: Exercises in using audio and video software (10%)
Readings, discussion of print and digital literacy (20%)
Recording and editing an audio narrative (20%)
Recording and editing a video narrative (20%)
Collecting and submitting digital literacy narratives to the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) (20%)
Other (10%)


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