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Philosophy 1100

Introduction to Philosophy


Credit hours: 03
GEC categories: GE Cultures and Ideas
Prerequisites: None

Text Books:

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Example Syllabus: 1100 LIVE Au 13.pdf

Course Objectives: To introduce the student to four main issues which have puzzled the greatest thinkers down through the ages: namely, Does God exist ? What is a human being? Are there physical objects? And Are we free to do what we want to do? Alternative answers to these questions are given, along with objections and replies. Students are encouraged to become active participants in the art of philosophizing and in interpreting some of the major theories in the field of metaphysics. At the same time, those theories are very practical, for they apply to a wide range of issues (for example, abortion or the place of religion in the world) that confront us each day in our culture. So everyday life will appear often in my lectures and is relevant to your exam answers as you synthesize the material.

Course Content: Tools of the grade, Arguments for and against the existence of God, The mind/body problem, Perception and the physical world, The problem of free will.

Method of Presentation: Lecture interspersed with class discussion.

Method of Evaluation: 4 exams. Several quizzes given through Carmen. Final exam not cumulative.


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