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English 1110.01

First-Year Composition


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: GEC 1A: Writing and Related Skills (The goal of courses in this category is to develop skills in writing, reading, critical thinking, and oral expression.)
Prerequisites: Placement into 1110.01

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Writing Analytically 6th edition Rosenwasser and Stephen Cengage ISBN-10: 0495910082

Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: Practice in the fundamentals of expository composition, as illustrated in the student's own composition & in the essays of professional writers and in other media.

Course Content: The course has as its theme, Identity in a Consumer Culture. In addition to extensive reading from the textbook, other essays, films, and additional formats of information presentation will inform this class. Students are encouraged to develop and hone their critical thinking skills and to gain a better understanding of rhetoric, composition, and literacy.

Method of Presentation: Lectures, classroom discussions, small group work, workshops.

Method of Evaluation: Students will write three major papers in addition to shorter response essays. The third major essay is part of a Analytical Research Project which will also include a visual element. Classroom preparedness and participation are expected and are part of the evaluation.


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