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Political Science 1100

HYBRID Introduction to American Politics

Rachel Bowen

Credit hours: 101
GEC categories: Social Science - Organizations and Polities
Prerequisites: n/a

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
American Government: Power and Purpose, Core 12th Edition Theodore J. Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg, Kenneth A. Shepsle, and Stephen Ansolabehere W. W. Norton 978-0-393-91209-8 (pbk)

Example Syllabus: syllabus101Sum12.docx

Course Objectives: 1. Students will gain an understanding of the American political system, including both formal and informal mechanisms. 2. Students will be familiar with core concepts from political science. 3. Students demonstrate critical thinking through written and oral expression.

Course Content: Why is American democracy organized the way it is? What are the roles of the President, Congress, bureaucracy, and judiciary? How do individual citizens participate in the political process? How does our constitution protect us from government incursions? This course examines these questions and more, using approaches from political science to propose answers to them. This course provides an overview of American politics, including institutional aspects and the actions of groups and individuals.

Method of Presentation: This is a hybrid course; 50% of material is presented online and 50% is presented in weekly class meetings. Online material includes short lectures, videos, and reaction-oriented writing assignments. In class material is presented in a combination lecture and discussion format.

Method of Evaluation: Quizzes, Two in-class exams, two short papers, and in-class debates.


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