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Mathematics 1134

Transition Calculus for Business


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Math or Logical Skills
Prerequisites: Math 131 or 117 or 151

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Introductory Mathematical Analysis Barnett/Ziegler/Byleen Pearson 9780558351762

Example Syllabus:
Website: http://www.math.osu.edu/courses/132

Course Objectives: This is Math 132 taught in a semester. The 131 and 132 courses are designed to introduce students in the College of business to differential and integral calculus and related business applications. These courses are problem oriented and little rigor is introduced.

Course Content: Math 132 taught in a semester. Antidifferentiation, definite integral, integrals of the logarithmic and exponential functions, techniques of integration, areas, differential equations, function of several variables, partial derivatives, extrema, Lagrange multipliers, applications of calculus to business.

Method of Presentation: Lecture

Method of Evaluation: Grades based on midterms and final, and possibly on quizzes and homework


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