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History 2001

Launching America: U.S. History to 1877


Credit hours: 3
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Course Objectives: To gain a thorough knowledge of the major developments in U.S. history to 1877. To develop skills at critical thinking and writing about historical causation and the use of primary and secondary sources.

Course Content: The course will examine the major episodes in American history to 1877, including the interaction of European and native peoples, the establishment of colonies, the American Revolution, the problems of constitution making and nation building, early industrializaion and westward expansion, the growth of sectionalism,the impact of African slavery, and the Civil War and its consequences. The entire experience will be placed in a global context.

Method of Presentation: A combination of lectures, discussions, and readings in both primary and secondary sources.

Method of Evaluation: Two mid-term exams, a final exam, and one or two short (1-3 page) papers.


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