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English 1110.01

First Year Writing

Andrew Kinney

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: 1A. First Writing Course
Prerequisites: Placement into 1110.01 or completion of 1109

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Writing Analytically 6th ed Rosenwasser/Sephen Thomson/Wadsworth 978-0495910084

Example Syllabus: AU 2012 Eng 1110.01 Syllabus.pdf

Course Objectives: English 1110.01 is designed to encourage and instruct academic research and writing; representation of academic research and writing for alternative and public audiences; and, the compositional skills necessary for possible, eventual publication of that writing.

Course Content: This first year writing course will analyze and produce texts relevant to the notion of community. The course theme is intended both to offer us a motivation for analyzing and producing texts as well as allowing for a collective reconsideration of the ways contemporary conflicts shape us as writers, students, and citizens.

Method of Presentation: Reading and viewing of texts in print and on screen. Guided production and revision of textual and visual work.

Method of Evaluation: There will be four major course projects: a series of public responses in which students will read, write, and responde to a series of academic essays; an analytically oriented research paper in which students will work out a solution to a research problem by building on the perspectives and arguments found in academic and popular sources; a new media project in which students will experiment, revise, and exhibit an original media composition; and a commentary essay in which students will write a persuasive, critical essay in the style of a culturally significant commentary prototype. There will be several minor writing assignments; participation will also be evaluated.


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