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Music 2203.03

University Chorus

Joel Vega

Credit hours: 1
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: None

Text Books:

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Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: 1.To prepare and perform quality choral literature from a wide range of styles and historical periods. 2.To assist singers in the development of their vocal technique. 3.To develop and improve music reading skills. 4.To encourage community art making, campus spirit, and friendships through choral singing.

Course Content: Rehearsals two days a week with two official concerts during the semester and smaller "run-out" performances TBA. Fall 2014 will include a performance of G. Puccini's "Messa de Gloria" with full orchestra.

Method of Presentation: Lecture

Method of Evaluation: Grades are assigned on the basis of attendance, preparation of assigned music, consistency in rehearsal as regards intensity and musicality, and the conductor's overall evaluation of the student's individual progress and contribution to the ensemble over the course of the semester. The quality of a student's performance in all of the above mentioned aspects of the course will be indicated by the following letter grades and their respective descriptions: "A" Superior performance, "B" Good performance, but not superior, "C" Average performance, "D" Minimal passing performance, "E" Failing. Plus (+) and minus (-) will be used to represent subtle distinctions with each grade category.


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