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Geography 2100

Human Geography


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: This course meets the requirements of the General Education (GE) curriculum for Social Science: Individuals and Groups.
Prerequisites: None

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Human Geography. 6th edition. Knox, Paul L. and Sallie A. Marston Pearson Education Prentice Hall

Example Syllabus: syllabus_sp_141.pdf
Website: http://paradise.sbs.ohio-state.edu/faculty/constantinou/)

Course Objectives: Introduces key concepts in human geography: interconnections between people and places; the role of space and place in political, cultural, economic, and social interactions.

Course Content: Lecture topics: Geography Matters;The Changing Global Context; Population Geography;People and Nature; Cultural Geographies;Interpreting Places and Landscapes;Geographies of Economic Development; Food and Agriculture;Political Geography; Urbanization; City Spaces: Urban Structure

Method of Presentation: Lecture with audiovisuals

Method of Evaluation: Four non-comprehensive Exams


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