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History 2002

Global Environmental History

Jon Wlasiuk

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: English 1110.03 (can be taken concurrently)

Text Books:

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Example Syllabus: Global Environmental.docx

Course Objectives: The course will introduce students to a broad survey of world history from the context of the environment including research methods, the analysis of a wide spectrum of primary and secondary sources, and the debates among scholars, politicians, and activists regarding the global environment.

Course Content: A survey course of the human relationship with nature from the domestication of plants and animals with the Neolithic Revolution to the present era. Provides an introduction to topics such as the environmental collapse of ancient civilizations, the ecology of disease, the exchange of plants and animals following colonization of the Americas, the evolution of agriculture, the environmental crises of industrialism, and the development of reform movements from wilderness preservation to “green consumerism.”

Method of Presentation: Lecture and class discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Students will demonstrate mastery of the course content by synthesizing material (text, lecture, video) in argumentative essays, a midterm, and final exams.


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