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Psychology 3321

Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Psychology

Dennis Shaffer

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: Earning a "B" or higher in Psychology 2220

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Gravetter & Walnau Wadsworth 1111830991

Example Syllabus: Syllabus for Quantitative & Statistical Methods in Psychology (PSY 321) --Spring 2012.pdf

Course Objectives: This course focuses on the analysis of behavioral data. Unlike a “pure” statistics course that focuses primarily on the theory underlying statistical formulas and how that theory can be applied to data, this course explores the research process. Specifically, students will be exposed not only to topics such as experimental design, data description and several statistical tests, but also to how these topics relate to the formulation of research questions, hypotheses, data collection, and the evaluation and interpretation of data analyses. In addition, a portion of this class will focus on everyday understanding of statistics and how understanding statistics can make us better decision-makers and consumers, and help us avoid the pitfalls of poor statistical reasoning. Another equally important focus of the course will be on using the statistical software package SPSS for data input and analysis. As such, we will frequently be using SPSS to perform our data analyses in class after we have learned how to perform the same data analyses by hand.

Course Content: Topics covered will include t-tests, Between and within-subjects analysis of variance (ANOVA), factorial ANOVA, different correlational tests, regression and multiple regression,

Method of Presentation: Primarily lectures.

Method of Evaluation: Several homework assignments and 3-4 exams.


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