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English 2263

Introduction to Film


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: 2.C.2., Arts and Humanities: Visual and Performing Arts
Prerequisites: English 1110

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film Richard Barsam & Dave Monahan Norton (3rd ed., 2009) 0393934632

Example Syllabus: 2263 f121.pdf
Website: https://english.osu.edu/people/jones-0

Course Objectives: English 2263 does not focus on the question, “Do I like this film?” Instead, it focuses on the question, “How is this film put together?” The former question is fun and can inform our analyses, but our analyses will focus instead on the latter question in terms of the technical and artistic choices made by the many people involved in creating a film. English 2263 provides students with methods of reading film texts by analyzing cinema as an artistic medium and as a cultural product; the course emphasizes formal analysis of films.

Please note that we will not watch more than one or two feature-length films in their entirety. Introductory-level film analysis is about taking films apart—breaking them down into their component elements—which means that we will primarily watch short clips that we can analyze in detail. We will watch all of Citizen Kane (1941), but even so, we will screen it in segments.

English 2263 can fulfill the GEC requirement for category 2.C.2, Arts & Humanities: Visual & Performing Arts.


Students evaluate significant works of art in order to develop capacities for aesthetic and historical response and judgment; interpretation and evaluation; critical listening, reading, seeing, thinking, and writing; and experiencing the arts and reflecting on that experience.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

1.Students analyze, appreciate, and interpret significant works of art.

2.Students engage in informed observation and/or active participation in a discipline within the visual, spatial, and performing arts.

Course Content: Barsam & Monahan, Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film (3rd edition, 2009) Norton, ISBN 0393934632

[*you must have the 3rd edition, not the 2nd]

Method of Presentation: Class discussion and mini-lectures, both of which will typically revolve around film clips we will watch in class and analyze together.

Method of Evaluation: Regular quizzes, two midterms, a final exam, and in-class writing.


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