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Psychology 1100

Introduction to Psychology

Dennis Shaffer

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Social Science
Prerequisites: None

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Psychology: A Framework for Everyday Thinking (Brief version). Lilienfeld et al. Pearson 1256658472

Example Syllabus: Syllabus_Psych 100_Autumn2012(930-1050).pdf

Course Objectives: You will be provided with a general background of several areas of psychology, why they are important, and examples of what they study and why. This course should provide you with a basic background of psychology if you continue your studies with additional psychology courses. If this is the only psychology course that you ever take, I hope that you will learn about psychology, including what psychology is, the many fields of study within psychology, how psychology is studied, and why it is important.

Course Content: Psychology is a vast science and incorporates, but is not limited to, information from philosophy, sociology, and the biological sciences. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a basic introduction to psychology. Material will include Theoretical approaches taken to study psychology, neuroscience and behavior, sensation and perception, learning, memory, child development, problem solving and decision making, psychological disorders and therapies and social psychology.

Method of Presentation: This class will primarily consist of lectures but may also consist of several critical thinking and active learning exercises that will be used in conjunction with lectures.

Method of Evaluation: Quizzes, homework assignments, and exams.


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