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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies 2230

Gender, Sexuality and Race in Popular Culture


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Visual & Performing Arts
Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. Wgsst2230 is not open to students with credit for Wgsst230 or WS230.

Text Books:

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E-Reserve articles (Carmen)

Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: Successful completion of Wgsst 2230 should enable students to: •analyze the ways in which social and cultural norms, ideas, and beliefs about gender and other dimensions of identity affect women’s lives and how these understandings help shape students’ own attitudes •develop critical reading and thinking skills through examining and interpreting women’s cultural productions •analyze the structure of gender and the ways in which gender differences, roles, and expectations have influenced the lives of diverse groups of women in a variety of domains of public and private life, in the United States and with regard to the global contexts in which the US is situated •understand how social science theories and methods are used to examine the historical and current roles of diverse women in social, cultural, economic, and political contexts and institutions in the United States •analyze individual and group behavior in the context of gendered ideologies and institutions

Course Content: Wgsst2230 explores how popular culture generates and articulates our understandings of gender and sexuality and their intersections with race and class. Using major theories and concepts of gender and pop culture studies, students will analyze popular texts (e.g. movies, graphic novels, television shows, among others) for their treatment of issues of gender, sexuality and race.

Method of Presentation: Methods of presentation include lecture; small group in-class exercises; viewing and analyzing cultural "texts" (e.g. videos, print advertisements, television shows/commercials, film clips, etc.), both in small groups and as a class.

Method of Evaluation: Satisfactory progress toward completing course objectives will be measured by a variety of methods, which may include quizzes, short papers, in-class presentations, on-line and in-class discussion participation, and exams.


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