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Geography 1900

Introduction to Weather and Climate


Credit hours: 4
GEC categories: This course fulfills category V. Natural Science of the General Education (GE).
Prerequisites: Not open to students with credit for 120, 120H, 2960 (220), 5900 (520), or AtmosSC 2940 (230).

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Understanding Weather & Climate. 6th edition Aguado, Edward and Burt, James E Pearson Education Prentice Hall 13: 978-0-321-76963-3

Example Syllabus: syllabus_sp_14.pdf
Website: (http://paradise.sbs.ohio-state.edu/faculty/constantinou/)

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are the following: 1. To introduce the student to the nature and processes of the atmosphere. 2. To investigate the interaction of the atmosphere with lithosphere and hydrosphere and the cycling of materials and energy at a planetary scale. 3. To discuss the interaction of atmospheric systems with human systems. 4. To expose students to the different methodologies, tools, and techniques employed by scientists of the atmosphere.  Furthermore, stress that scientists trained in different disciplines are involved in the study of the atmosphere, because of the complexity of the global environment.

Course Content: A.  INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS.  Introduction of basic concepts on energy and systems. B.  FUNDAMENTALS OF THE ATMOSPHERE.  Atmospheric composition, global energy budget, temperature, humidity, precipitation, pressure, winds, global circulation, air masses, severe weather, and global climate. C.  APPLICATIONS OF ATMOSPHERIC FUNDAMENTALS.  Climatic influences on geomorphic processes and landscapes, global change, hydrologic cycle, and the role of climate in global vegetation and soils distributions.

Method of Presentation: Lectures with the use of audio-visual aids

Method of Evaluation: There will be four non-comprehensive exams.


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