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Theatre 2811

Acting I - The Craft of Acting


Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: Arts and Humanities: Analysis of Texts and Works of Art

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
The Actor’s Checklist: Creating the Complete Character O’Neill, Rosary
The Glass Menagerie Williams, Tennessee

Example Syllabus: Theatre 2811 Syllabus AU 12.pdf

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: 1. Experience the process of acting as a creative act by performing both scripted and improvisational work, including solo and ensemble pieces. 2. Analyze a script and conduct research to form a basis for characterization. 3. Develop voice and body awareness. 4. Adapt speech and voice for clarity and projection. 5. Demonstrate an understanding of the rigors and self-discipline required for the creation and performance of a role, and thus begin to develop a set of skills and the means to employ them as part of establishing her own craft as an actor 6. Evaluate the work of other actors using the vocabulary and principles of acting for the stage, through establishing and refining criteria for good acting, and employing those criteria in evaluating self and others. 7. Incorporate basic Stanislavski-derived techniques into her own acting. 8. Better understand human nature. 9. Broaden capabilities to imagine, empathize, concentrate, critically observe, and forcefully express ideas. 10. Acquire greater composure (ease and naturalness of movement, speech, and thought).

Course Content: Instruction in contemporary realist acting rooted in the methodologies of Constantine Stanislavski, Rudolf Laban, and others. Please see sample syllabus provided.

Method of Presentation: Scene Study, Partner and Group Exercises, Improvisation for the Actor, Script Analysis, Peer and Instructor Critique

Method of Evaluation: -Class attendance, participation (including quizzes and daily assignments) -First Scene Preparations, Journal Entries, and Scene Summation -Live Performance Critique -Second Scene or Monologue Preparations, Journal Entries, and Summation -Acting for Film, Television, and Contemporary Media Project


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