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AAAS 2081

History of African-Americans from 1877 to the present

Scopas Poggo

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories:

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Palmer Passageways: an interpretive history of black America, vol.II, 1863-1965 Harcourt Brace College Pub.
Mullane Crossing the dange water: three hundred years of African-American writing Anchor Books
Royster Southern Horrors & other writings: the anti-lynching campaign of Ida B Wells, 1892-1900 Bedford Books
D'Angelo The American Civil Rights movement: readings & interpretatins McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

Example Syllabus:

Course Objectives: this course will examine the political, economic, social & cultural challenges that Black Americans confronted between the period of the Compromise of 1877 (the end of the reconstruciton period) and the post-civil rights era (2008). black struggles & attempts to define their national identity, adaptation to a new political climate, & the creation of new political, economic, social & cultural institutions will be discussed & analyzed in depth. this course is primarily designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the black experience in the US in the period of one hundred & thirty-one years (1877-2008)

Course Content: students acquire a perspective on history & an understanding of the facts that shape human society; students display knowledge about the origins & nature of contemporary issues & develop a foundation for comparative understanding; students examine race relations between blacks & whites in the period between the emancipation of slaves & the present; students think, speak & write critically about primary & secondary historical sources by examining diverse interpretations of past evenst & ideas in their historical contexts.

Method of Presentation: this course is based on lectures, discussions & films. weekly readings will be assigned, and it is the responsibility of every student to keep up with the lectures & readings. students are expected to attend classes regularly, & also to participate effectively in discussions during the lecture sessions.

Method of Evaluation: the final grade will be based on the following: a term paper; book review; class attendance & discussion; a mid-term exam and a final exam


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