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Biology 1101

Introductory Biology


Credit hours: 4
GEC categories: nat sci bio course
Prerequisites: none

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Lecture text is as supplied by instructor Abedon none
Lab text is as supplied by instructor Abedon none

Example Syllabus:
Website: http://www.archaealviruses.org/abedon/

Course Objectives: To familiarize students with the basics of what biology is all about. The material will serve as a stand alone introduction for those who will not be going on in biology, a useful prerequisite to follow up courses in the same sequence, a prerequisite for more advanced biology courses such as human physiology and microbiology, and a chance to get your 'feet wet' prior to taking on the rigors of major's biology courses (e.g., 1113).

Course Content: "Basic principles of biology; topics include the nature of science, organismal diversity, evolution, ecology, genetics, reproduction, and cellular structure and function." This is the description from the OSU course catalog and is basically what we will be covering, though not in that order.

Method of Presentation: Lecture, web, videos, films, lab. Your "textbook" will be both web and Carmen based.

Method of Evaluation: Exams, quizzes, and filling out lab manual.


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