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English 1110.03

First Year Writing

Andrew Kinney

Credit hours: 3
GEC categories: 1A. First Writing Course
Prerequisites: 109.01, 109.02, or 1109

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Writing Analytically Rosenwasser/Stephen Thomson/Wadsworth 978-0495910084

Example Syllabus: AU 2012 Eng 1110.03 Syllabus (1).pdf

Course Objectives: Course Objectives: English 1110.03 is designed to encourage and instruct academic research and writing; representation of academic research and writing for alternative and public audiences; and, the compositional skills necessary for possible, eventual publication of that writing.

Course Content: THIS COURSE MUST BE TAKEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE RELATED SECTION OF 1193. This first year writing course will analyze and produce essays examining the culture messages of movies and how they relate to our shared ideas of community. The course theme is intended both to offer us a motivation for analyzing and producing texts as well as allowing for a collective reconsideration of the ways contemporary culture shapes us as writers, students, and citizens.

Method of Presentation: Lecture, discussion, analyzing texts.

Method of Evaluation: There will be four major course projects: a series of public responses in which students will read, write, and responde to a series of academic essays; an analytically oriented research paper in which students will work out a solution to a research problem by building on the perspectives and arguments found in academic and popular sources; a new media project in which students will experiment, revise, and exhibit an original media composition; and a commentary essay in which students will write a persuasive, critical essay in the style of a culturally significant commentary prototype. There will be several minor writing assignments; participation will also be evaluated.


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