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Engineering 1181.01

Fundamentals of Engineering I

Wenfei Li

Credit hours: 2
GEC categories:
Prerequisites: Prereq or concur: Math 1150 or above. Not open to students with credit for Engineer 183.01 or 183.02.

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 5th Edition Amos Gilat John Wiley & Sons 978-1-118-62986-4

Example Syllabus: ENG1181.01_Syllabus_Mansfield_AU13.pdf

Course Objectives: Engineering problem solving utilizing computational tools such as Excel and Matlab; hands-on experimentation; modeling; ethics; teamwork; written, oral and visual communications.

Course Content:

Method of Presentation: Regular lecture with moderate use of technology.

Method of Evaluation: Two midterms and one final exam, daily assignments, quizzes and journals (on Carmen), lab memos/reports, etc.


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