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Education 2368

Introduction to Children's Literature


Credit hours: 03
GEC categories: Arts & Humantities Literature
Prerequisites: English 1110

Text Books:

Title Author(s) Publisher ISBN
Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature: A Brief Guide (2nd edition) Kiefer & Tyson McGraw-Hill 0078024429

Example Syllabus: 2368 syllabus.pdf

Course Objectives: 1. gain an overview of children's literature, its genres, and relevant issues 2. become aware of the history and values of literature for children 3. become familiar with children's books that represent various genres of literature 4. develop the ability to evaluate children's books critically 5. recognize how the developmental characteristics of children and the cultural contexts in which they live affect their reading interests and response to literature 6. gain appreciation for the importance of fostering a positive learning environment that respects and encourages a variety of responses to literature

Course Content: 1. historical and literary contexts 2. genres of children's literature 3. issues in children's literature 4. children's literature in popular culture 5. multicultural and global children's literature

Method of Presentation: lecture, discussion

Method of Evaluation: reading log literary memoir popular culture inquiry book/movie comparison book response project mid-term, final exams attendance and participation


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