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Please use heading employed in OSU Bulletin rather than your own department, even if the "department" in the Bulletin isn't a real department.


This is the common (shorter) number used in the OSU Bulletin, not the longer number found on schedules.


See OSU Bulletin for correct title.


This should be the individual primarily responsible for instructor the course, ideally the author of the course description, and should be entered as last-name only.  The instructors email address will be linked here.

Credit Hours:

See OSU Bulletin.

GEC categories:

If a course may be taken to satisfy GEC (General Education Curriculum) requirements, then this will be noted in the OSU Bulletin. In addition, if this course serves a particular major, then please include in this space how this course fits into the requirements of that (those) majors.


This is a link to course-associated material that students who are interested in taking the course may find useful.


Formal prerequisites should be listed here, and any informal comments on expected level of competence may also be listed here.

Course Objectives:

An overview of the learning objectives to be covered in the course.

Course Content:

An overview of what the course content should include can be found in the OSU Bulletin. Any clarification (e.g., greater detail) should be included here.

Method of Presentation:

Typical methods of presentation include combinations of lecture, laboratory, recitation, films/video tapes, distance learning, world wide web, e-mail, computer, etc.

Method of Evaluation:

Typical methods of evaluation include some number of midterm exams, some number of quizzes, final exams (comprehensive versus non-comprehensive), essays versus objective questions versus subjective questions on exams, various written assignments, problem sets, whether assignments are evaluation/graded, term papers, etc.