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Selecting a combination of courses which is realistic and manageable is important for a student, but especially if (s)he is also working part-time or parenting. Some subject areas such as anthropology are usually new to recent high school graduates, while other subject areas are more familiar to all students.

The course descriptions contained on this website have been written by our Mansfield instructors themselves and contain information which should be valuable to you as you build your semesterly class schedule. Click a course's title to view its description if you wish to know: (1) the course's content; (2) what types of assignments are involved; (3) how students are graded in a course.

From these descriptions you should be able to tell whether a course involves a heavy amount of reading, several major writing assignments, oral presentations in front of the class, or significant small group work with others outside of class. A course description might allow you to determine how much library work is required for a certain class. You might even be able to discover an instructor's policy on class absences. Finally, you can discover any previous courses which might be required for you to attempt a given course.

Some courses by their very nature lend themselves to frequent changes of content and teaching approach while others do not. The same course often varies greatly when taught by two different instructors. Naturally, you should feel free to consult any instructor if you have additional questions about a course.

Consulting these course descriptions can help you to have a more satisfying and successful semester! It can also help to prevent you from overextending yourself!

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